Some Reminders –
Starting October 5, the hours for school are 7:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. We will open our gates at 7:38 and check students’ temperatures and then students are escorted by their teachers to go wash their hands. Students are tardy if they are not with their class before 7:55.

Remember – parent drop off in the morning is in the office parking lot. Parent pick up at the end of the day is in the North parking lot. The office is closed from 7:35 – 8:05 and 3:15 – 3:45. When dropping off, students stay in the car until they are dropped off in front of the gate.

If you are planning on having your child attend school in-person starting on October 5, you must call or message us TODAY. We will need to get the desks and supplies ready for them.

Please remember - no backpacks are allowed on campus at this time. We do provide a plastic tote for the Chromebooks and a small pouch for personal items.

It is important to remember that distance learning usually suits students who prefer to work independently and are able to prioritize and complete tasks on their own. Students who need extra support may require an adult at home to provide some extra help such as explaining what the assignment requires. It is extremely important that students complete all assignments.

Online students will have a change in their schedule also. New schedules will be posted for the different grade levels. Another change is that teachers will no longer be teaching both the online students and the students on campus at the SAME TIME. Depending on the number of students on campus, the online teacher may be a different teacher. We will keep you posted on these changes.

This week, students in grade 2 through 8th will be taking our district benchmark tests. Testing will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please have your children work on these assessments without any assistance. We really need to see what students can do on their own.


October 5 is our 40th day of school. We really want to have the best attendance on that day. We will have Raffle drawings for prizes that day. Students who are present, in person and online, will be entered into the Raffle. Students who have completed every assignment will have additional chances in the Raffle. Stay tuned for a video of the prizes.

Also, on October 5th, status sheets will either be emailed or mailed to parents. Please make sure we have your updated email and/or mailing address. The status sheet will communicate what the student has been doing for the first nine weeks of school. Parents will be able to see how many assignments have been completed. The status sheet is more like a progress report. Report cards will be issued at the semester. If you need more information, please call to set up a Zoom meeting with your child’s teacher.
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