Additional info for Hybrid Learning Phase:

As we transition to the Hybrid Learning Phase, we are working to ensure that both distance learning and in-person learning is successful. A Smart Board has been purchased for every classroom. This will be instrumental in providing synchronous online learning.

Additional Chromebooks have been purchased to ensure every student has access to their own (portable) device. We have also purchased headphones with a microphone for every student. During in-person learning, Chromebooks will be used whenever possible and paper assignments will be discouraged. This will be done to lessen the exchange of papers between students and staff.

Masks for students and staff members have been purchased and additional ones have been donated from the Yuma County Health Department. We’ve purchased multiple thermometers for each bus, van, and entrance to our campus. We also have additional ones for the cafeteria and the rooms designated for sick children waiting for parents to pick them up.

Hand sanitizers will be in every classroom and hand sanitizing stands will be placed in needed areas around campus. Additional automatic soap dispensers have been ordered.

Individual supplies have been purchased for every student so no sharing will take place.

When classes are required to walk to dismissal or to the classroom, social distancing (6 feet between students) will be maintained.

WES will minimize all travel and all field trips have been postponed until deemed safe.