Entering the bus or campus:

• Masks will be purchased for all students. Students will be required to wear them on the bus. All potential passengers must have their temperature checked before boarding the bus. Students who have a fever (>100°) will not be allowed to board the bus. Students who won’t or can’t wear a mask should opt for distance learning.
• Students who walk or arrive by car must have their temperature checked before entering the school grounds. Students who have a fever will not be permitted to enter.
• Only students are allowed on campus until County Health Officials give guidelines for larger groups to assemble. Parents must make an appointment to meet with the teacher. Meetings may be virtual if possible, and if meeting in person physical distancing will be maintained.
• Once students are with their teacher, they will proceed to the appropriate place to wash their hands before breakfast in the classroom. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands throughout the school day.
On Campus:
• Students will wear masks when on campus per the Governor’s executive order. During the Structured Play/PE, students may remove masks as long as they are maintaining physical distancing.
• Classrooms will be modified for smaller class size. Class size will be limited to 20 students during the Hybrid Learning Phase. Individual student materials (no table materials) will be available for each student. All classes are self-contained so students stay in the same classroom except for Cohorts B and C. They will move between 2 classrooms while maintaining social distancing.
• Parents who do not wish for their child to attend because of the COVID-19 pandemic, can have their students continue with online instruction. This would be synchronous instruction – happening at the same time that instruction is happening in the classroom. Lunch will be delivered to these students. We will work with these students and provide Chromebooks, but parents and students would have to adhere to the obvious time commitment.
• Current water fountains (communal) have been disabled and the new water fountains that allow for water bottle refills will be used. One water bottle will be purchased for each student that attends in person.
• Hand sanitizing stations will be utilized. Hand sanitizer will be in all classrooms.
• Tables will be removed from classrooms and the cafeteria and desks will be used to ensure social distancing.
• Breakfast and lunch will be delivered to each classroom.
• Playground equipment will be off – limits. There is no way we can disinfect between recess/PE for each class. We will have structured play instead.
• Classes will have assigned restrooms. Restrooms will be cleaned as often as possible while still allowing use of the restroom.
• Each classroom has its own air conditioner. The normal schedule of every three months for filter changes has been changed to monthly.