August 11, 2020


Parents and students,


Yesterday, at the School Board meeting, the issue of reopening school was discussed.  As I reported to you earlier, the Arizona Department of Health Services was required to publish data concerning COVID-19 for each county in Arizona.


ADHS reports three benchmarks and recommends schoolsmeet all 3 benchmarks at the county level in moderate or minimal transmission category for two weeks in order to begin any type of on-campus learning.


The first benchmark is COVID-19 CASES.  New cases per 100,000 population – 

  Minimal transmission:  less than 10

  Moderate transmission:  10 – 100                  

  Substantial transmission:  greater

OR A two-week decline in the number of new cases.


The second benchmark is the Percent Positivity of COVID-19 tests.

  Minimal transmission:  less than 5%

  Moderate transmission:  5% - 10%

  Substantial transmission:  greater than     10%


The third benchmark is COVID-19 ER visits and hospitalizations.

  Minimal transmission:  less than 5%

  Moderate transmission:  5% - 10%

  Substantial transmission:  greater than 10%


The information for Yuma County was:




July 5 – 1228 cases = 554/100,00                 

July 12 – 880 cases = 397/100,000              

July 19 – 618 cases = 279/100,000 

While data shows substantial transmission, there is a 2-week decline.



June 21 – 24.3%                                        July 12 – 21.8%                                         July 19 – 17.9%


Data shows susbstial transmission- MAINTAIN VIRTUAL LEARNING

COVID-Like Illness

COVID-19 ER & hospitalizations


June 21 – 11.3%

July 12 – 9.7%                                           July 19 – 6.7%

Data shows moderate transmission 

Due to the PERCENT POSITIVITY rate, ADHS recommends schools in Yuma County continue with virtual or distance learning.  With this information, the Board of Education decided to postpone the reopening of school until all three metrics are in the minimal – moderate range for two weeks.  We will review the data each week as it is released and we will keep you informed.  As soon as the data shows that it is safe to reopen, we will reopen school.  


Until we can reopen, please continue to stay in touch with us.  We will continue to provide support services and work to make sure that our distance learning is working for all students.  Remember, if you are having any issues, please contact the office at 928-785-3311.


While we were disappointed in the delay to our reopening, we continue to have faith that we will be able to open soon.  Our main concern is the safety of our students, staff, parents and community.  We will get through this pandemic together for the success of our students.


Thank you,


Mrs. Jameson


Wellton Elementary School District