Wellton Elementary School

Student Group

We’re here to support your child in any way that we can during their time here at Wellton Elementary School. From providing tutoring to encouraging participation in student government, our students receive the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

Wellton Elementary School Student Union

The Student Union is a place all students can go to access additional learning resources outside the classroom. We offer tutoring to students who struggle in school, which helps them gain confidence and skills if they’ve fallen behind. Even if your children are excelling in school, tutoring can still be of great benefit in helping them prepare for the next level.

kids playing basketball kids on swings

Student Council—Where Students Make a Difference

Getting involved with the Wellton Elementary School student council allows students to have a say in what activities and events we plan during the school year. Members of the council also help organize fundraisers and perform community service. The student body elects council members yearly.

Through these activities, members of the council gain valuable experience in student government and become responsible, active members of the Wellton Elementary School community.

We expect members of the student council to:

  • Attend regular council meetings
  • Meet with their peers to receive feedback and hear student ideas and concerns
  • Volunteer at special events
  • Serve as role models to other students