Wellton Elementary School

Food Services

Good nutrition and academic success go together! Our Food Services Department consists of a team of food and nutrition professionals who are dedicated to students' health, well-being, and their ability to learn. In accordance with the National School Lunch Program, we support academic success by providing healthy meal choices and promoting lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

Lunch/Breakfast Program

Wellton Elementary School’s cafeteria serves our students and faculty and operates under the following guidelines:

  1. We expect students to cooperate in maintaining an atmosphere of neatness and courtesy.
  2. Students may pay in advance for meals.
  3. Students may not charge meals. We will give students who do not pay for their meals a daily notice for up to five days; on the sixth day, the student will receive a peanut butter sandwich until the cafeteria receives payment in full.
  4. All students should enter the cafeteria through the west door and exit through the east doors.
  5. Lunch lines move most efficiently when students take their lunch trays quickly and respect the other students’ places in line.
  6. Students must carry their trays and empty them into the trash cans after eating.
  7. Students who bring lunch to school should bring it in a bag or container and should not share food with other students.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Families who qualify should visit the school office to complete an application for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunches. The application is available in both English and Spanish. If you need help, ask at the school office for assistance in completing the form.